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Bermuda Tea Tasting Parties

Come aboard the replica of the Deliverance Ship and go back in time to the herbal teas and flavors all made from Bermuda herbs and plants.  An must experience when visiting our beautiful island of Bermuda

Tea Aboard the Deliverance

Tea Aboard the Deliverance

  Bermuda Buggy Ride Herbal Tea

  Bermuda Salt Spray Tea

And many other delicious flavors of Bermuda Tea

Come Cook With Us

Enjoy tasters that will be prepared for you all with wild herbs and plants of Bermuda.  Enjoy the atmosphere in one of the oldest kitchens in Bermuda dating back to the 18th Century.

  Nasturtium Soup

  Prickly Pear Sorbet

Bermuda Buggy Ride Herbal Tea

  Cactus Salsa

  Aloe Juice


Stay tuned to our many exciting upcoming events that we offer.

From Sleeping under the stars, to Tea Tasting Parties, Cooking Demos and so much more.

  Come aboard the Replica of the Deliverance for a cup of Tea

  Taste the Flavors of Bermuda

Sleep Under the Stars

  Herbal Tours

  And much much more

Nice Flavours

Taste the flavors of Bermuda, as you venture with us out on our herbal tours, to our tea tasting parties or our cooking demos done in one of Bermuda’s oldest kitchens.

Book your exciting adventure today!!!

Exquisite Taste

Bermuda has so much to over, from our beautiful beaches to our nature trails.  Join us as we venture out to engage your five senses with the aroma of the herbal plants, to the textures and tastes of the many wild herbs and plants Bermuda has to offer.


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All our products are all made in Bermuda, from the herbal teas to the herbal jams.  Taste the flavors of Bermuda today!!!

Bermuda Wild Plant Tours

Our herbal tours will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Bermuda.  Learn of the many folk tales, remedies and healing properties that many of our wild herbs and plants have to offer.

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