Wild Herbs & Plants Of Bermuda | About Us
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About Us

We are one of Bermuda’s unique companies that specializes in wild herbs and plants of Bermuda, featuring tours, cooking demos, tea tasting parties and much more. We invite you to come join us on an exciting adventure with the wild plants in Bermuda.  Our beautiful island has so much to offer.  Come Taste The Flavors of Bermuda!


As a Certified Tourist Ambassador we are proud to offer you nothing but the best experience with your stay here in our beautiful island Bermuda.

As a child I was not only introduced to herbs but also was brought up on the wild edible plants found in my island.

Join me as I take you on this awesome adventure as we explore your five senses through the flavors of Bermuda.  In addition hear of the stories and remedies that the natives used for healing and health benefits.